Friday, February 26, 2010


Agency Name: PantherMedia
Minimum Payout: EUR 30
Payout: request
Editorial: yes
Images: yes
Vectors: no
Footage: no
Audio: no
Licenses: RF
Compensation: If you offer this image via PantherMedia (or equally/more expensive) stockagencies, you will receive 50% commission. If you also offer this image via cheaper stockagencies, please enter 30% commission.
+10% quantity bonus
Pricing: Standard license EUR 1.90 - 99.90
Corporate license EUR 3.90 - 199.90
Merchandising lic EUR 29.90 - 119.90
EUR 39 - EUR 199/month (100+ img)
Referral Program: yes
Upload methods: HTML Form, FTP
Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, PLN (Contributors EUR only)
Languages: English, German, Polish, Italian
Headquarters: Munich, Germany
website traffic: Alexa, compete, DomainTools, Quarkbase
last update 03/09/2012

About PantherMedia is an online marketplace for royalty-free photography, bringing buyers and sellers together on a common platform divided into a photocommunity for photographers and a stock agency for art buyers..

The photocommunity serves as the creative heart of the image marketplace. Professional photographers and shutterbugs from all over the world can upload, rate and comment on images. They can share their experience, further develop their photographic skills and showcase their artistic potential.

After a legal and qualitative check through PantherMedia, image reviewers choose adequate images for the stock agency. Agencies, publishing houses and enterprises that need images can license images for their individual purposes - either as single images or through a flexible subscription plan.

The revenues will be shared with photographers. This novel business model allows through so-called „User Generated Content“, provided by over 40,000 photographers worldwide, to keep the offer of RF-images far below the average market price. is an enterprise of PantherMedia GmbH with headquarters in Munich, Germany and was founded in October 2004. At present, PantherMedia offers more than 1.5 million images worldwide directly and via an international network of over 90 distribution partners in 40 countries. During the FounderChampions competition of the 25th German Days of Founders and Entrepreneurs PantherMedia represented the Federal State of Bavaria as the best Bavarian Start-up.

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