Thursday, February 14, 2013

Solid Stock Art

Agency Name: Solid Stock Art
Minimum Payout: $25
Payout: automatically every Friday via PayPal (soon also Moneybookers)
Editorial: no
Images: yes
Vectors: yes
Footage: no
Audio: no
Minimum Res.: one side 1200px
Licenses: RF
Compensation: 50%
Pricing: $2 - $32
Referral Program: yes
Upload methods: Html, FTP
Currencies: US$
Languages: English
Headquarters: Sandy, UT, USA
website traffic: Alexa, compete, DomainTools, Quarkbase
Twitter: @SolidStockArt
last update 02/15/2013

About Solid Stock Art
Home of the one and truly royalty free license agreement!

Our goal is to create a family with Solid Stock Art and to never forget it is all about the artists. We've made uploading with us a little easier by tagging each file uploaded and licensed with Solid Stock Art by an internal team, preventing meta data bloating while saving the artists that upload with Solid Stock Art countless hours.
We will also lock down artist registration from time to time to keep our artist pool small. We are not a company looking for ten million images. We want a select and elite group of artists who are going to upload with us in order to provide the public with high quality stock art at reasonable prices.

Our one royalty free license (comparable to an extended license) gives us a leg to stand on in the industry. We strongly feel that our one license approach is the next stage in the life of the stock art industry. We grasp the volume of stock art cached and pooled for repurpose in the average business illegally. These customers are not maliciously misusing the stock art. They are simply uneducated and confused. We feel our easy to understand license agreement sets us apart. We look forward to saving these individuals and companies a bundle of money while filling our artist’s pockets.

A Word From The CEO
Really this is about YOU! We know what goes into every photo you take, every illustration you create, every computer generated image you've pushed to the next level. We KNOW if our content is 'Awe Inspiring'-sales will be the side effect (with a healthy dose of marcom power to boost that side effect, of course!)

So what makes us, us? YOU! The Artists! You are our board of directors. You are our stock holders. You are the foundation of this website. You deserve more. You have earned it.

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