Friday, February 26, 2010


Agency Name: Clustershot
Minimum Payout: $ 100
Payout: auto
Editorial: no
Images: yes
Vectors: no
Footage: no
Audio: no
Licenses: RF
Compensation: 88% of sale price
Pricing: price yourself, buyer
can make an offer
Referral Program: no
Upload methods: HTML Form
Currencies: $
Languages: English
website traffic: Alexa, compete, DomainTools, Quarkbase
last update 3/12/2010

Company Extras
ClusterShot also offers a Pro Subscription for $20/year. When you purchase a pro subscription, you receive your own personal store. On your personal store, only your photos appear for sale. This way, you can ensure clients see only your photos. Your customers use ClusterShot's quick and easy checkout to pay for your photos. Other Pro Subscription features: Watermarking of photos - a personal store to show only your photos - custom domain names - account statistics

A word from the CEO
ClusterShot is just a website. It’s not a movement, a fad, or a social experiment. On ClusterShot, you can sell your photos or buy other people’s photos. It is kind of like that popular online auction site, but just for photos. ClusterShot is a free-for-all site that allows anyone to sell their photos and allows anyone to buy them. We don’t screen for image quality, focus, size, etc. You can post as many crappy photos of your dog as you like. Why wouldn’t you? Someone might buy one.


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