Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Agency Name: ClipartOf
Minimum Payout: no minimum
Payout: automatically every month
Editorial: no
Images: yes (only illustration)
Vectors: yes
Footage: no
Audio: no
Minimum Res.:
Licenses: RF
Compensation: 50%
Pricing: Start at $2.00
Referral Program: yes (If you sign up, please tell them that "hlehnerer" referred you.)
Upload methods: FTP
Currencies: US$
Languages: English
Headquarters: USA
website traffic: Alexa, compete, DomainTools, Quarkbase
last update 09/07/2011

About ClipartOf
ClipartOf is a stock image library offering royalty-free (rf) stock illustrations and clipart from professional illustrators and cartoonists around the world. All of our images are available as posters and art prints as well as digital downloads. Digital files are available to download immediately after purchasing. We also offer free image hosting, and clipart illustration collections.

A unique thing about is that we have ONE simple license. Yes, that's correct, ONE End User License Agreement. Without tricky "extended" or special licenses, we make your job easier! You can pretty much use our images for anything as long as you are not distributing them, giving them away for free or for charge (like what we do), using them for logo/design competitions to win money, offering them on on-demand product sites, or trademarking or copyrighting them. Other sites have so many different licenses and rules. We have ONE license and one set of rules.

After years of witnessing artists being bullied by agencies, and at the begging of artists themselves, we decided to start a business that's ABOUT supporting the artists, not about making a quick buck at the artist's expense. We aren't about lowballing our artists and paying them a measly half a cent for each download, outsourcing jobs to save money, degrading artists by treating them like they are vermin. We are here because the artists ASKED us to be, and we take this very seriously. We let the artist pick their own pricing so they make what they need to, rather than TELL them what they will make, such as other sites do.

Unlike many of our competitors, you will also notice that we provide credit to our artists, rather than to make it look like we own all of the images ourselves. This industry has been taken over by greed, theft and immoral business practices. We stand out because we run ClipartOf quite differently. Take a stand with us! Help support our artists and a moral business.

At you are getting images direct from the artists and helping support an industry of pure talent.

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  1. Never can get too much clipart, right? Plus, their payout policy, every month. Much better than most...

    Brian Weck