Sunday, March 14, 2010


Agency Name: Vivozoom
Minimum Payout: $50
Payout: auto
Editorial: no
Images: yes
Vectors: yes
Footage: no
Audio: no
Licenses: RF
Compensation: 40%
Pricing: subscription start $0.22
Referral Program: Pay as yo go start $1.67
Upload methods: Java, HTML Form
Currencies: $
Languages: English
Headquarters: St Johns, FL, USA
website traffic: Alexa, compete, DomainTools, Quarkbase
last update 3/23/2010

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About Vivozoom
Vivozoom is offering some of the best image products and services at prices at least 40% lower than iStockphoto.  Their mission is to provide a quality service to the professional  image buyer. They have taken the best micro stock imagery, set it on an easy to use web site and wrapped it all with our, sleep at night, warranty.   With Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription purchase models, photographs and illustrations,  vivozoom delivers a comprehensive solution to your image needs, whether you are a one-man start-up or a multi-national conglomerate.

The founder and CEO of vivozoom is Lawrence Gould, previously CFO Getty Images and Tony Stone Images.  Lawrence has been involved with the stock world for the last 20 years. Lawrence is passionate about business and has applied this experience to develop and grow a number of licensing businesses. He founded vivozoom in 2007.   Lawrence is an active director and  Trustee of The One to One Children’s Fund, and has 3 boys himself.

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